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madhou5e trifft Kiosque

Das erste Mal das Kiosque und madhou5e gemeinsam ein Sommerfest abhalten.

Freitag, 3. Juli um 14:00 beginnt der Spaß der bis zur Geisterstunde anhällt.

Danach is abrupt schlluss mit lustig.


14:00 – 16:00 Billie Jean
16:00 – 18:00 Tsi.
18:00 – 20:00 Forrest Funk & Ill:Behaviour
20:00 – 21:00 Hoffentlich Pangea
21:00 – 22:00 Hoffentlich .aga. & mes.
22:00 – 24:00 Hoffentlich discodemons

Die Aufzeichnung findet bei freiem Eintritt statt.

Eine Multikooperation madhou5e, Kiosque und den Künstlerinnen.

Billie Jean

Billie Jean (35 Grad Rec.) started dj-ing in 2008 to add some more female power to the Viennese club scene. Her style is located between Tech House, Progressive and Techno – she plays a crisp sound which is danceable and sexy. Constantly experimenting with different genres and influences such as Minimal Tech or Deep House, Billie is known for her bass-heavy beats combined with charming electronic melodies.

The crowd really appreciates her soulful sound and her ability to spread great atmosphere. Therefore Billie was quickly discovered by the crew of Cosmic Space Disco, a famous Austrian event series, and could establish herself further on.

Meanwhile she performs regularly in many well-known Viennese clubs like Flex, WUK, Club Auslage, Grelle Forelle, Volksgarten, Sass or Pratersauna. One of her personal highlights so far was a crazy night at the famous KaterHolzig in Berlin in 2012 – recently she plays increasingly in other European Cities.

In 2013 Billie joined the record label “35 Grad”, where she’s also organizing events. Her aim is bringing really exciting sound to her audience – be prepared and be surprised!


Lukas Lehner aka tsi is a Vienna-based musician and producer. He is also long-term member of experimental beat group theclosing.

Lukas started out making beats almost 10 years ago. Together with Alexander Hengl and Daniela Auer (the two other members of theclosing) they focused on expressing certain moods and feelings into beats and soundscapes. His solo project tsi always existed in the background but was more an outlet for ideas he didn’t feel could be realized with theclosing than a very serious project. This changed early 2013 when he started to work more on his solo beats and put more effort into solo work. After he sent a demo to Duzz Down San he quickly found a new home here and released his solo debut “groks & microns” in March 2014.

While Lukas himself would say at its core he makes HipHop Instrumentals, his music has a lot of other influences from genres like Ambient, Down-Tempo or Electronica, which combined, give TSI a very special and unique sound. He dissociates from common production techniques such as clean Synthesizers, quantized beats or fat basslines, he instead uses hand-made rhythms, crackles from old vinyl, buzzing, kind of lo-fi sounding Synths, field recordings and soulful melodies. These beats are meant to be actively listened to and not your everyday standard club-beats.

Forrest Funk & Ill:Behaviour

Das erste mal standen wir im Dezember 2014 gemeinsam an den Gramophonen.
Wir spielten in einem Salzburger Club und da wir von den Genres, die wir auflegen, sehr
ähnlich sind, beschlossen wir einfach eine back 2 back session daraus zu machen.
Dabei spielten wir uns quer durch Genres, wie Midtempo Breakbeats, Funk, Rap und
Glitch Hop.
Nach einer weiteren Session entschlossen wir uns diese monatlich unter dem Namen
„Boogaloo Basement“ im Jazz It Musikclub stattfinden zu lassen.
Neben den oben genannten Musikstilen, haben wir auch noch jede Menge Tunes aus
Genres wie Reggae, Soul, Blues und seit neustem auch Bossanova im Gepäck.

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